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Beautiful Bonsai Trees
Send the Mystery of the Orient to a Loved One

"Bonsai is heaven and earth in one container. Bonsai with its container and soil is physically independent of the earth since its roots are not planted in it. It is a separate entity complete in itself, yet it is a part of nature.." - Author Unknown

Send something truly unique, long-lasting, and inspiring. Giving a bonsai tree is a gesture of respect and a symbol of future good fortune. They're eco-friendly, great for guys, and wonderful for hobbyists, too. In fact, a bonsai tree may be the perfect gift for almost anyone who appreciates the miracle of nature. And, direct-ship delivery is available throughout the United States.

Large Juniper Bonsai Tree

Karate Kid Bonsai Tree

Large and Tranquil!
Our Price: $69.95  US
Overnight Delivery

Windswept Juniper Bonsai

Windswept Bonsai Tree

Swept Away!
Our Price: $139.00  US
Overnight Delivery

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree

Cherry Blossom Bonsai

Beautiful Yet Fleeting!
Our Price: $29.95  US
Overnight Delivery

Cascade Style Bonsai Tree

Cascade Style Juniper Bonsai Tree

Cascade Style!
Our Price: $45.00  US
Overnight Delivery

Baby Jade Bonsai Tree

Baby Jade Bonsai Tree - Medium  Portulacaria Afra

Medium Portulacaria Afra!
Our Price: $79.95  US
Overnight Delivery

Small Juniper Bonsai

LSmall Juniper Bonsai Tree

Japanese Juniper!
Our Price: $22.95  US
Overnight Delivery

Monterey Juniper Bonsai Tree

Monterey Juniper Bonsai Tree

Our Price: $79.95  US
Overnight Delivery

Lavender Star Flower Bonsai

Preserved Upright Juniper Bonsai Tree

Send A Bonsai Today!
Our Price: $29.95  US
Overnight Delivery

About Our Bonsai

Our bonsai trees come direct from the grower at wholesale prices you just can't beat. The items pictured here are just a small sampling of the huge assortment available. Just click on any item above to explore the full gamut -- including indoor bonsai, outdoor bonsai, flowering and fruit trees, orchids, evergreens, and treasured one-of-a-kind specimens. You'll find sale items, discounts, and bonsai trees under $30, too! There's something for almost everyone.

Each of our premium bonsai trees is potted in an attractive glazed ceramic container, with decorative landscape pebbles and/or multicolored textured rock. Our unique bonsai soil mix ensures ideal water retention, drainage, and nutrition absorbtion. Of course, all of our established bonsai trees come with easy-to-follow care instructions and are lovingly wrapped and carefully pakaged to arrive in excellent condition.

The art of bonsai dates back almost two thousand years, originating first in China then moving eastward to Korea and Japan. It is said to have spread thanks to Buddhist monks who wished to bring the "outdoors" in to their temples. The word itself is comprised of two Japanese characters or word phrases; "bon" is the pot or container, and "sai" is the tree or pant. But, a bonsai is more than a plant in a pot. A true bonsai is a plant carefully "trained" through diligent horticultural and aesthetic traditions to achieve visual harmony and botanical well being. The art of true Bonsai is to patiently create a healthy miniature representation of a tree that expresses its real essence.

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